includes plenary sessions with lectures of invited guests, as well as a scientific debate based on the presented papers.

Extremely high substantive level of presented issues from the field of psychogeriatry, covering both clinical problems but also broadly understood neurobiology (eg immunogenetics, biochemistry or molecular biology), participation of excellent lecturers representing prestigious research centers from Poland, European and non-European countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Australia) will also allow a multicultural look at psychogeriatry. Undoubtedly, these are the features that make our conference stand out on the scale of national proposals.


are breaking the stereotypical way of thinking both in relation to psychogeriatry itself as well as in the process of solving current and anticipating future research problems, exchange of scientific experiences and dissemination of science in the international national environment.

Participation in the conference of outstanding and recognized experts from Poland as well as from European and non-European countries guarantees a high substantive level of lectures presented. It will also facilitate the establishment of valuable professional contacts and international scientific cooperation.